Forest Countries Challenge World to Increase Climate Ambition

By Climate Advisers
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Today in Lima, a group of developing countries sent an important signal that could help increase global climate ambition, as the world gets closer to finalizing a new global climate agreement in Paris next year.

In a joint ministerial announcement by 14 countries called “the Lima Challenge,” a critical mass of developing forest countries challenged developed countries to join them in achieving deeper emission reductions through international collaboration. The countries highlighted their ambition and commitment to taking action on their own by “doing their fair share”, but also that they stand ready to do even more. To maximize global ambition, therefore, they pledged to quantify not only how much they can do on their own, but also how much more they can do with international financial support.

The Lima Challenge is significant for two reasons. First, we have developing countries stating that they will take unilateral action to reduce emissions on their own. Second, it starts a global conversation about closing the ambition gap through international mitigation partnerships.

A recent Climate Advisers analysis showed that, even with ambitious targets from major countries, the world would get at most half way to closing the ambition gap and limiting climate change to 2 degrees Celsius. The world should look to the EU, the United States and other developed countries to meet this Lima Challenge, by pledging to reduce emissions outside their borders on top of their domestic climate pledges.

The text of the Lima Challenge is below. Endorsers include Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guyana, Liberia, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Philippines.

Lima challenge

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On December 9, 2014

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